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A Classic Reimagined

With a timeless piece like the polo short, there’s low risk in looking passé. I remember how acquiring a polo shirt was the duty of every self-respecting fashion devotee teenager. However, when the opportunity came for me to choose my first polo shirt, there was no other brand the truly stood out like Lacoste. A classic cut, two-button polo shirt in a light shade of mauve was the very first on a long line of colors to follow. My very first polo made me feel cool and renewed; not because I was wearing any polo shirt, an item that comes in one and a million variations, but because I was wearing a Lacoste polo. The shield and gear of many admirable personalities throughout history. With time, and in-between one too many trends, my cult for the polo evanesced. Nevertheless, I think this classic piece might make a comeback in my wardrobe. Fast forward to a few days ago when I found Stéphanie Delpon and Paul Saint Bris, the french creative duo behind Pictoresq, original dab at capturing …

A Casual Affair with Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini’s SS16

It seems that little by little we are seeing more ethereal and romantic pieces walking down the runway and escaping the modern cuts and austere styling that became the hype in 2010. To be completely honest, the minimal look was — and still is — not my favorite. I agonized each time I stepped into my local Zara back then only to find myself in a sea of black, white and color-blocked clothes. Luckily, it seems that this period of perpetual simplicity is near its end (at least for now).

True Italian Elegance in Trussardi’s SS16

While it’s true that no other runway show during fashion week steals the spotlight quite as much as the mammoths of Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Versace, and Prada, there are other lesser known Italian designers worth knowing (and buying!). One of these is Trussardi, a brand whose ready-to-wear has been going on since the 1980s, and whose creative director, Gaia Trussardi is keeping the brand alive. The clothes made in linens, leathers, cotton and suede have an inherently Italian cool effortlessness belonging to the spring and summer.

Sprung Away with Balenciaga’s SS16

Despite his incredible success as a designer, I haven’t always been fan of  Alexander Wang. I say this because it was only recently, on the news that he will be exiting Balenciaga, that I found out he has been the designer of the brand for the past three years. I’ve always been inclined to collections featuring ruffles, floating, delicate, translucent fabrics and other elements that result in an obviously feminine look. So my falling in love with this last collection of his was a logical event.